(Institute of Dance, Drama & Music)

Tagore always acknowledged the rightful place of music and dance in his scheme of education. He regarded the language of sound and movement to be the highest means of self-expression without which people remain inarticulate. Himself a composer of great originality, he wrote dance-dramas, operas and more than 2000 songs to fit where human emotions come to play.

In 1919 the Kala-Bhavana & Sangit-Bhavana were initiated on the ground floor of 'Dwarik'. The first teachers of Sangit-Bhavana were Dinendranath Tagore for Rabindra Sangit, Bhimrao Sastri for Marga Sangit, Nakuleswar Goswami for Esraj and Classical Music and Ustad Ranjit Singh for Sitar. The first Students of Sangit-Bhavana were Anadi Dastidar and Sachin Roy. Manipuri Dance was started for the first time when Buddhimanta was sent to Santiniketan from Agartala by the Maharaja of Tripura. Among the first batch of students of Dance was Santidev Ghosh. In 1926 the students of Sangit-Bhavana staged 'Natir Puja' where Manipuri Dance was used for the first time with Nabakumar Thakur as the Manipuri Teacher.

In 1939, the new building of Sangit-Bhavana was completed and Pandit V. V. Wazalwar, Sangit Visarad, joined Sangit-Bhavana as a distinguished teacher. Already in 1936 Kathakali Dancing was started with Kelu Nair of the Kerala Kalamandalam and by 1938 Sangit-Bhavana had 24 regular students. In 1939 three Dance Dramas were Staged - 'Shyama', 'Taser Desh' and 'Chandalika'.

At present Sangit-Bhavana imparts training in Rabindra Sangit, Hindusthani Classical Vocal and Instrumental Music (Esraj, Sitar, Tabla, Pakhwaj), Manipuri and Kathakali Dance styles, Dramas and Tagore's own musical dance dramas. For exceptionally talented post-graduates, there is provision for research. Sangit-Bhavana has been organising regular functions and festivals like Bengali New Year's Day, Tagore Week (Rabindra Saptaha), Varshamangal, congegational services of Poush, Spring Festival etc.

Sangit-Bhavana tries to carry on the rich traditions ushered by Dinendranath, Bhimrao Sastri, Indira Devi Chaudhurani, Santidev Ghosh, Sushil Kumar Bhanja Choudhuri and Sailajaranjan Majumdar. Some of the noted exponents of Rabindra Sangit from the Bhavana are Kanika Banerjee, Suchitra Mitra and Nilima Sen.